The Concord Public Schools envisions an environment in which technology is used to enhance the administrative process, the teaching process, and most importantly, the learning process in ways not otherwise possible.

The vision of technology integration at the Alcott School is having classroom technologies—such as computers, tablets, software, and related peripherals—in the hands of our students and teachers where and when they need them.  With these technology resources in our classrooms, teachers are able to recognize their innovative teaching and learning potential.

The infusion of technologies in the classroom has dramatically increased the usage, productivity, and technical proficiency of both the teachers and the students.  With a robust wireless network, wireless laptops and tablets are successfully implemented in classrooms, enabling more efficient student access to technology-integrated curriculum.  Teachers also have access to their own laptop computer to plan engaging lessons and deliver them through the interactive Promethean Activboard installed in each classroom.  Teachers have developed Google Apps For Education folders, classroom web sites, blogs, and wikis where students can safely interact and engage in learning.  In addition, teachers have designed lessons and assessments where students can demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways, including: podcasts, digital stories, multimedia research projects, spreadsheets, essays, blogs, and wikis.  Throughout the creation of these products, teachers place an emphasis on the teaching and learning objectives, not the technology itself.

As the Alcott School looks to the future, we strive to provide our teachers and students with the most current technology and a twenty-first century curriculum that underscores the transformational potential of technology in a multidisciplinary curriculum.