Contact Alcott Elementary School

Alcott Elementary School
93 Laurel Street
Concord, MA 01742

For directions, we suggest using Google Maps.

Concord Public Schools Main Number: 978-318-1500
Alcott School Main Office Number: 978-318-9544
Alcott School Fax Line Number: 978-371-2000

Alcott Voice Mail Directory: 978-318-9544

  • For a directory of staff by last name, press 5
  • For a department listing, press 1
  • To report an absent student, press 2
  • To call the Nurse’s Office, press 3
  • To leave a message for the Main Office, press 4

Each teacher has a four-digit extension that allows you to leave him/her voice mail. We encourage you to use it to communicate with your child’s teacher, but would like to remind you not to leave time-sensitive messages there. If, for example, your plans change, and you need to tell your child to take the bus home, please call the Main Office. Teachers generally check their messages after the buses have left, and cannot be responsible for messages left while they are busy teaching.

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