Stop Motion Animation

What is it?

Stop Motion Animation is a type of animation that is captured with a camera one frame at a time, while physical objects are being moved between the frames.  These captured images are then played back rapidly, thus creating the illusion of movement.  Stop Motion gives movement to things that are not physically capable of movement on their own.  When stop motion animation is doing using clay, it is often called Claymation.

Tips and Tricks

LEGO Brickfilm Tricks - all of these videos were designed by a teenage boy.  Nicely done and worth watching!

Examples of Stop Motion Animation

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit
Pigeon Pilfer
Elephant Trap by Tiny Circus
Game Over by PES
Creativity - Stop Motion by Wayaba Filmmakers

Free to Use Audio Download Sites:

Bensound Royalty free music organized by genre


To see some Alcott student examples of Stop Motion Animation, PLEASE CLICK HERE.