Fitness Challenge

Hello Alcott, let's get moving together!  We can use this challenge to log all the daily minutes you spend doing any sort of physical activity.  Any type of physical activity counts, such as walking the dog, playing catch outside with a family member, jumping rope, doing yoga, dribbling a ball, and so many more.  10 minutes of physical activity will count as 1 mile traveled.  Simply log your responses on this form and away we go!  Minutes/miles traveled each week will be calculated and posted on my website.  Let's see if we can travel from Concord, MA to Concord, CA and then back as a school.  That's 6,150 miles roundtrip.  We can do it together.  GO Alcott!

Alcott P.E. Home Fitness Challenge Form


Mr. Gaudreau March 22 Check-in video (click to download 18MB video)

May 2, 2020 Updates Below!!