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El 20 de marzo, 2018

Hola a Todos,

I am writing to share with you what students are learning in Spanish class and how much I am enjoying working with them! They are enthusiastic and curious learners. First, I would like to report that we are having wonderful learning experiences and I hope that they  have shared some of these with you!

Some of the topics we have explored so far this year are greetings,  days of the week, weather, introductions, numbers, colors, feelings, and names of animals.

The students have a variety of opportunities to hear and practice Spanish through relevant and meaningful activities, such as learning songs, playing interactive games, watching videos, and role playing. In addition, the students are learning about cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries and are beginning to make connections with their own culture and those of their classmates.

Thank you for your continued support of this program. I hope you will visit my website to find resources (Quizlet, Kahoot, videos, useful links, songs, etc.) and encourage your child to practice Spanish outside the classroom.


Rachel Washa