This year students will engage in a variety of new content and have the opportunity to dig deeper in areas they have explored in earlier grades.

In Math, using the Everyday Math 4 curriculum, students will deepen their understanding of fractions and decimals, learn about volume, order of operations, and exponents.   In Reading, students will engage in small, guided reading groups, whole-class read alouds, and book clubs to sharpen their comprehension and fluency skills while exploring a variety of genres including realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and myths. In Writing, students will produce narratives, persuasive essays, and informational feature articles.  

Social Studies and Science are team taught. Mr. Gregor and Mrs. Anderson make up one team, and Mrs. Luby and Mrs. Wilson make up the other team.  Social Studies is taught by Mr. Gregor, and students will focus on North American history with units on colonization, the American Revolution, the formation of U.S. government, and westward expansion.  Science is taught by Mrs.Anderson, and students will learn about our solar system, mixtures and solutions, the ocean, and engineering.