May 2, 2022

Alcott Newsletter
May 2022

 It feels like just yesterday I was sharing Alcott’s April newsletter with families!  The weeks really do seem to pick up speed at this time of the year!  April proved to be a great month at Alcott – May is sure to be the same!  Included in this newsletter you can find information about Bike, Walk, Roll to School Day (which has been postponed), the Alcott Student Garden and several highlights from classrooms across the school!  

Bike, Walk, Roll to School Day POSTPONED: Due to the forecast of rain on Wednesday morning, we are postponing Bike, Walk, Roll to School Day until Tuesday, May 10th.  The time schedule for the event will remain the same.  Participating students will meet at Keyes Road on May 10th starting at 8:15am.  The bike/walk/roll train, led by Concord Police, will depart for Alcott between 8:30 and 8:40.

Alcott Student Garden: The Alcott Student Garden is getting great use this spring!  Thanks to support from our amazing PTG, classes have the opportunity to visit the garden with a farmer from Green City Growers.  During their lessons in the garden, classes learn about the various aspects of farming and get to participate in growing vegetables and herbs from seed to harvest.  Seen below is Mrs. Woodman’s first grade class visiting the garden to make observations of lettuce.

STEM Work in Grade 1: First graders in Mrs. Curley’s class took advantage of April showers to design boats that were strong enough to carry the weight of a small teddy bear lovey.  Students had a great time exploring materials, developing a plan, and testing it out!


MCAS: We are making steady progress through MCAS 2022.  Grade 3 is completely done with both ELA and Math MCAS testing.  Grade 4 will be done with both assessments by the end of the week.  Grade 5 starts their math assessment this week and their science assessment the following week.  Students have worked incredibly hard during the testing window!

Composting at Alcott: Thanks to parent volunteers and our 5th grade student leaders, composting is officially underway at Alcott!  Students have done a great job adjusting to a new routine – they are now separating compostable materials from recycling and trash.  I am so grateful to our parent volunteers and our 5th graders for helping us become more sustainable at Alcott.  Below you can see 5th grade volunteers from Mrs. Luby’s class guiding our very first two kindergarten students in Mrs. Chatlosh’s class through the process of composting.

Papier-Mâché Puppetry in Art: For the first time since before the pandemic, 3rd graders in Ms. Gordon’s class were able to participate in a favorite papier-mâché puppets unit once more.  Students created the puppets and then used them to perform skits for their classmates.  How great it is to take these steps back to normalcy!

Pay it Forward Day: April 28th was Pay it Forward Day, a day marked worldwide by the celebration of kindness.  Several grade levels participated in this event by spreading kindness across Alcott last week.  Grade 3 posted tear-off posters in the halls to encourage their classmates to engage in random acts of kindness.  And seen below are students from Mrs. McMahon’s 4th grade class after distributing 400 (school appropriate!) jokes to staff and students to put a smile on everyone’s faces.