January 4, 2021

Welcome Back!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation.  As much as I continue to miss being able to spend time with my extended family and friends, I was grateful for the time I had with nowhere to be with my immediate family.  With vaccine distribution underway and 2020 officially behind us, there is a spirit of optimism in the air even as social distancing continues to be critical.  With an end in sight (albeit in the distance) and with four months of successful in person pandemic learning under our belts, I am eager to see what the rest of the winter and spring brings to Alcott!

School Start Time: This is just a reminder that students are expected to be in their classrooms by 9:00am.  As the weather gets colder and more families decide to drive their children instead of having them walk or bike, you may need to arrive a few minutes earlier than you had been in the fall to ensure that your child is able to get into the building on time.

COVID Questions: At our last School Advisory Council meeting, a question came up about how families can stay on top of district COVID protocol.  Because every situation is different and because guidance does sometimes change, I want families to know that, when in doubt, they should always feel welcome to ask me, Nurse Amante, or Assistant Principal Olson for help.  We are more than happy to work with you to figure out what we need to do to continue keeping the community safe while following district guidelines!

SAFE Program for Grades K-2: This month the Concord Fire Department will be running its SAFE program with our students in grades K through 2.  Though the program will be over zoom instead of in person, its content around fire safety will remain the same.  Stay tuned for more information from your child’s teacher!

A Message from the Concord Integrated Preschool: The Concord Integrated Preschool is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year.  We have both half day and full day options that run Monday thru Thursday according to the CPS calendar. A lottery will be held on January 25th and families will be notified by January 27th.  More information about our program and the application form are available on our website: https://preschool.concordps.org/  Please Contact Janet O’Shea, Early Childhood Coordinator at  joshea@concordps.org or (978) 318-1500, ext. 8147 with any questions.