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 The Concord K-5 Art Curriculum is based on the following philosophy:

All art lessons are sufficiently open ended to encourage individual problem solving at appropriate developmental levels.  While the design of the art lessons directs students toward a specific concept or lesson objective, one of the unique aspects of the art curriculum is that there is never a "right answer". Student artwork is not supposed to look a certain way, or to replicate a teacher's or another artist's work. Instead, problem solving and end product belongs to each individual student.  At all levels, art lessons aim to encourage students to consider these questions:

  • What is my idea?
  • What do I know about this material?
  • How can I use what I know about this material to communicate my idea?
  • What visual strategies do I know, or what are some new ones I can discover?
  • What can I learn from my classmates during the process?   

Art classes meets once a week. Classes in grades 1-5 are 60 minutes, and Kindergarten Art classes are 30 minutes. 

Art is messy work, so please make sure your child wears clothing that can get dirty on Art day! 

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