Grade 2 Curriculum


Language Arts

Developing skillful readers and writers is one of the fundamental goals of our language arts program.  Reading and writing are complementary skills that are taught through an integrated language arts program.  Students are required to construct meaning from text, communicate through writing, listen effectively, and speak with clarity.

Reading is a dynamic process that encourages readers to apply their existing knowledge to text as they read.  The major goal of our reading program is to develop students who use a variety of strategies in order to understand and interpret what is being read and to reflect and respond in a thoughtful manner.

Writing is also a dynamic, interactive and constructive practice.  Our instructional focus is to develop writers who can communicate with an intended audience, incorporating appropriate elements of composition and the conventions of language.


The major goal of the elementary mathematics curriculum is to develop students who are proficient in and empowered by the effective use of mathematics.

  • Mastery of facts 0-10 by mid year
  • Mastery of facts 11-20 by end of year
  • Add and subtract 2-digit numbers
  • Tools: 100's chart, number line, base ten blocks, cubes, pictures
  • Develop fluency with strategies to produce efficient, accurate methods of computation
  • Goal: for children to internalize the value of 18 = 1 ten + 8 ones


Theme: Things around us are connected and interrelated with other things.  Like scientists, students arrive at knowledge through inquiry.
Units of Study:

  • Interactions & Systems
  • Energy: light, heat, & sound
  • Physical Science: energy concepts & Capsela
  • Earth Science: geology
  • Life Science: life cycle of Wisconsin Fast Plants and tracking of chick growth and development

Social Studies

Theme: helping students to think like young historians.
Units of Study:

  • Long Ago and Today: family stories, change & continuity, timelines
  • The History of a Family: The Alcott Family
  • The History of a Man: Henry David Thoreau
  • Civics: President's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., American flag, and Veteran's Day
  • Geography: map essentials


In grade 2, the health curriculum continues to progress from the understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of a healthy person to the social needs that family, friends and other community members provide, including the responsibility each person has in making healthy decisions and developing healthy relationships.