December 1, 2018

Alcott News from the Desk of the Principal
December Newsletter
December 1, 2018

My wish is that you enjoy the final month of 2018.  Wishing you a happy and healthy close to the year!

News from Spanish: We have gotten off to a good start this year with Spanish!  I am having fun getting to know all of the students, and students are having fun learning how to not use English in Spanish class.  So far, Mrs. Knowles’ 3rd grade class and Mrs. Altschuler’s 5th grade class are in the lead, with getting up to 13 minutes of no inglés during Spanish class!  Our goal for the year is to get up to 25 minutes of no English in class (a little less for the 1st grade classes), while we listen to, and little by little, use Spanish.  1st graders have been learning parts of the body in Spanish, and 2nd through 5th graders have been learning about food.

Here are some fun videos your children have enjoyed:
Video 1
Video 2

News from the Integrated Preschool:  Concord Integrated Preschool Open House, Friday, December 14, 2018; 9-11AM and 1-3PM and Children Are Welcome!

Come see our facility, talk with our staff, and ask questions about the program.  We are located at the Ripley Building, 120 Meriam Road in Concord.

Please check us out on our website at

  • The program is available to residents of Concord and children of CPS/CCHS staff.
  • Children born between 9/1/13 and 8/31/15 are eligible to enroll on 9/1/18.
  • Priority is given to returning students, siblings of current students and staff members’ children.

Applications will be available on our website and at the Open House on 12/14/18.

We look forward to meeting you at our Open House!  Please contact Janet O’Shea at or (978) 202-1147 with any questions.

Dress for the Weather: As winter approaches, please send your child to school prepared to go outside for recess.  The middle of the day is typically the warmest part of the day and I believe playing outside helps all students learn better.

Coats for Kids:  Concord Middle School’s Coats for Kids Club needs the elementary schools help in collecting coats for Anton’s Cleaners annual Coats for Kids drive.   In the front entrance, a box is available for all winter coats for kids, adults, and babies that are in good wearable condition.  We cannot accept vests, hats, gloves, or snow pants.  Please donate coats that you would give a friend to wear.  Coats are being collected now through January 6, 2019.  Thank you for your donation.

Note from School Nurse, Paula Amante:  Flu and cold season is quickly approaching.   Here are some guidelines to help you determine when you should keep your child home:

  • If your child has had a fever of 100.0 or more within the last 24 hours.
  • If your child has had diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours or is unable to eat normally.
  • If your child has a contagious illness, for example, strep throat or conjunctivitis and has not been taking an antibiotic for at least 24 hours.
  • If your child is unable to participate fully in school activities because of illness.
  • If your child requires medication for fever.

Remember, if you keep your child home, you must notify the school by filling out a Report Attendance Form.  This can be found on the Alcott Website under the Parents tab.  Please be specific with illness details when reporting your child out sick, i.e. fever, sore throat, coughs, etc.

Wishing everyone good health!

MCAS Schedule for Spring 2018:

GR 3 ELA MCAS – April 1 & April 3

GR 3 MATH MCAS – April 29 & May 1

GR 4 ELA MCAS – April 4 & April 5

GR 4 MATH MCAS – May 2 & May 6

GR 5 ELA MCAS – April 8 & April 10

GR 5 MATH MCAS – May 8 & May 9

GR 5 SCIENCE MCAS – May 15 & May 16

Reporting Absences: If your child is going to be absent or late to school, please go to the Alcott website and under “Parents”, please complete the “Report Attendance Form”.  Thank you!

Drop off in the morning:  If you are dropping off your child in the morning, please use the drop off circle.  If you would like to walk your child to the front door, please park in an open parking spot and walk from there.  Please do not park in the drop off area in the morning.  Thank you!

Bus area:  Cars are not allowed on the driveway in the front of the building from 8:35 to 9:10.  This area is for buses only.  Thank you!

Changes to your Child’s dismissal plans:  Please send in an Alcott Dismissal Note with your child if you plan to change his/her dismissal plans for that day. Sample Dismissal Notes are online at the Alcott School website or on the PTG website (  If parents need to change their child’s dismissal plan, please notify the front office by 2:30 PM by emailing AND Only emergency dismissals will be accepted after 2:30 PM, because we cannot guarantee that we will be able to notify your child’s teacher of the change after that time. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Parents at Lunch:  On the last Friday of each month, we invite eight parents per grade to sign-up and join their child for lunch.  Please sign-up through the PTG website and have an approved CORI.  You must be on the Parents at Lunch list to join your child for lunch.  Thank you!

Upcoming events:

December 6 – Picture Make-up Day
December 6 – STEAM Lab – S. Hardiman
December 7 – STEAM Lab – B. Lentini
December 10 – STEAM Lab – L. Knowles
December 11 – METCO Late Bus
December 12 – PTG Meeting
December 12 – STEAM Lab – E. O’Hara
December 14 – School Spirit Day – Sweatshirt Day
December 14 – STEAM Lab – K. Chan
December 17 – STEAM Lab – M. Besserer
December 19 – STEAM Lab – K. Dillon
December 20 – Children’s Program – GR 1
December 20 – STEAM Lab – L. Woodward
December 21 – Parents at Lunch
December 22 – January 1 – December Break
January 2 – All Students Return to School!
January 8 – METCO Late Bus
January 9 – Children’s Program – GR K & 5
January 16 – GR 4 Turtle Talks
January 16 – PTG Meeting
January 17 – STEAM Lab – Wilson
January 17 – Children’s Program – GR 3
January 18 – School Spirit Day – Hat Day
January 18 – STEAM Lab – Gregor
January 21 – No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 23 – STEAM Lab – Anderson
January 24 – STEAM Lab – Luby
January 25 – Parents at Lunch
January 29 – PTG Sponsored Staff Appreciation Luncheon
January 30 – Children’s Program – GR 2
January 30 – Two Worlds Meet – Delaney/Hardiman
January 31 – Two Worlds Meet – Knowles/Lentini
February 1 – Children’s Program – GR 5
February 1 – Two Worlds Meet – O’Hara
February 1 – Students Progress Reports Published in the Portal